Wendy Wilson

Wendy spent her childhood in suburban New Jersey. She has taken pictures since she could hold a camera and has made pictures since she could hold a pencil.

Wendy loved nature, exploring the woods behind the house she grew up in. She loved going to MoMA in New York and Spencer Gifts at the local mall. She also loved going to the movies at the theatre around the corner from her Saturday morning oil painting class, often watching the same film over and over again until her mother pulled her out of the theater. In high school she set up her study halls so that she could be in the darkroom for hours at a time and also designed posters for local bands.

Wendy attended Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in illustration while taking additional classes in filmmaking and graphic design. Her love of movies continued to grow thanks to the repertory cinemas of Providence, Rhode Island.  

After graduation, Wendy worked in book, magazine and advertising design. Her illustrations have been appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review and other publications

She currently works full time in television, as a Senior Art Director at Showtime Networks in New York City. Wendy has won multiple BDA awards for key art and press kit creative and continues to take photographs, design websites and write in her spare time.